An EASY way to update Switch Firmware WITHOUT burning any fuses

An EASY way to update Switch Firmware WITHOUT burning any fuses

Things you will need:

  • a rcm jig, or other reliable way to enter rcm (not autorcm or brickmii as they get removed during updates)
  • A SX pro widget or similar product, or a realiable way to load a payload like sx os or hekate


1.Back up everything (boot, raw nand, sd card, you can't be too safe) and keep it someplace safe and labeled
2.Check the fuse info using hekate, note how many are burned, so you know what you expect to see after the update
3.Boot up switch in OFW or CFW or even just plain with no mods or loaders
4.Once booted have your RCM jig inserted and ready to go ( be sure you have confirmed that this actually works)
5.using either a cartridge or updating via system settings (assuming you are comfortable going online, but I think this is safe) begin updating your system
6.*MOST IMPORTANT* When the update is almost done or the second you see the complete notification hold the [VOL +] button. And continue holding it till you get to hekate or sx os menu.
7.When the system reboots it should be in RCM mode, if you have a widget plugged in it should boot to SX OS or Hekate
  • IF ON SX OS: navigate to tools and enable auto RCM.
  • IF ON HEKATE: navigate to tools and enable brickmii.
8.Boot into CFW and you will be on the updated fw without having burned fuses
9.Feel free to use hekate menu to view the fuse info to confirm the fuses are in the same state.

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