How to install eShop games with SX OS

How to install eShop games with SX OS


Have a working SX OS licenses and have it set up​
Have a copy of devmenu (I can't link to this here you'll have to find it yourself)​
A micro SD card​
OPTIONAL put your switch into airplane mode before doing this​

Part One: Setting up your SD card

Plug your SD card into your PC. Create a folder called sxos, then create a folder inside of that and name it titles. Once you have done that create another folder and name it with the title ID for the game you plan on layeredfs-ing.
In my case it's Pokémon Quest so my file structure looks like this sxos\titles\01005D100807A000. Now put the romfs and exefs for devmenu in that folder. (I'm assuming that the copy of devmenu you have is already in layeredfs format.)
Finally put the NSP for the game you plan on installing on the root of your SD card.
At this point your SD card should look something like this

Part Two:Installing the NSP

Boot into SX OS and choose "Boot custom FW". Launch the donner title that you are using (again in my case Pokemon Quest)

You should see this come up on your screen.
Select the install from SD option. The NSP you have should now appear on screen, press A to start the installation.

You can choose either install to SD or system memory. After selecting that press A one again.
 The NSP should now start installing.
Wait a few minutes and the install should finish
It is now safe to go back to the home menu and close out of devmenu
After closing out of devmenu your new game should show up


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