How to restore a corrupted SD card

How to restore a corrupted SD card

What do you need?

  • Windows PC
  • SD Card which is corrupted
  • Brain


Enter cmd in the Cortana field!
Open a Command Prompt as Admin!
Open a Windows Explorer and look which letter your SD Card has.
now enter this letter in your Command Prompt like this: C:\ or D:\ or E:\ or F:\
now enter chkdsk /f in the Command Prompt!
now wait until your Command Prompt allows you to enter a new command.

What did that?

It restored every what it can.


Your SD is restored, but damaged Data can be still on the device.
That means use your Switch only when you know that your Switch could crash all the time.


delete the files which have corrupted the SD Card
for example:
when it was in RetroArch then reinstall RetroArch.
when it was in the normal Boot then remove the Nintendo Folder (test which file/s it is and then remove this/these one/s)

Dont Work

It is a method for only half corrupted SD cards. Happens often while a download it will tell you that it cant find any file then this will work!!!

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