Final Fantasy IX - Crunched Moguri Mod Field Backgrounds

Final Fantasy IX - Crunched Moguri Mod Field Backgrounds

Status: BETA

Because not whole game was tested.

Tools used:
  • - Hades Workshop: Extracting and importing textures
  • - Imagemagick: sorting tiles and editing/converting textures
  • - dd: cutting headers from textures
  • - UnityEx: Unpacking from Unity archives textures prepared by Hades Workshop
  • - UBPU: Compressing UnityFS archives
  • - PowerShell: Renaming 800,000 tiles in 15 minutes ;)

It's not a full experience bringed by original Moguri Mod.

  • - High resolution backgrounds were downscaled 4x to match Switch textures
  • - There is no support for Memoria enhancements like shaders.
  • - Author of original mod was not involved in making this port (so don't send him messages that something is not working from this topic).

Here you will find only field background textures.
They are taking whole 9 bin files, so if more mods will come to FF IX for Switch, they will be compatible with this mod if they will not touch field backgrounds (s1data11.bin - s1data19.bin).
It's compatible with all CFWs.

Knowing them your eyes can attempt to catch them unwillingly, so if you are fine with ruining beginning of your game - go on :D
Layers are not ideally aligned. PC shows them with thinner grey lines around layers (and should not at all). I don't know what is causing this issue.
On Switch small screen they are barely visible.

Link to Crunched Moguri Mod Field Backgrounds:

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