Godot (FOSS Game Engine) on Nintendo Switch Released

Godot (FOSS Game Engine) on Nintendo Switch Released

fhidalgosola has released the required files to compile your own Nintendo Switch homebrew using the Godot Engine which is a multipurpose development tool, editor and compiler that has been tailored for producing your own games. You can now compile your Godot creations and run them on your Nintendo Switch hybrid video gaming console.

If you're interested in a showcase of what the Godot Engine is capable of check out the Godot 2019 Showreel which features a bunch of really cool looking games.

Some time back someone asked about Godot for the Nintendo Switch homebrew and it picked my interest. I had little idea about C++, Godot, the Switch homebrew libraries, opengl, etc. so it seemed like a nice learning opportunity. It certainly served that purpose.

While it's still very much WIP, right now single player games are fully playable (without sound or network), which was my first milestone. This way I can test my WIP game on the switch.

Right now there are some hacks to get around some missing features in the Switch, but other than that it's implemented as an independent platform within the codebase.

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