Homebrew Launcher (Soundhax)

Homebrew Launcher (Soundhax)

Required Reading

The Homebrew Launcher has many different entrypoints, or methods of launching.

Soundhax (when combined with the Homebrew Launcher) is compatible with versions 9.0.0 through 11.3.0 in the EUR, JPN, KOR, and USA regions.

Ensure your device’s Wireless Communication is turned on as udsploit (used in the next page) will need the wireless module to be active to function, and some devices (New 3DS, New 2DS, and Old 2DS) cannot adjust the Wireless Communication setting from the Homebrew Launcher. Wireless Communication only has to be on; connecting it to an access point is not required.

To extract the .7z files linked on this page, you will need a file archiver like 7-Zip or The Unarchiver.

Note that cartridge updates will only deliver updates to core features, such as the System Settings, Home Menu, etc. cartridge updates will not deliver updates to Nintendo 3DS Sound and Network features, such as System Transfer, Internet Browser, StreetPass Mii Plaza, or eShop.

This means that using a cartridge update from a version containing an older Nintendo 3DS Sound version (<3.0.0) to one that introduced a newer Nintendo 3DS Sound version will break Soundhax! You will need an alternate method of entering the Homebrew Launcher!

What You Need


1.Power off your device
2.Insert your SD card into your computer
3.Create a folder named 3ds on the root of your SD card if it does not already exist
4.Copy boot.3dsx to the root of your SD card
5.Copy the Soundhax .m4a to the root of your SD card
6.Copy the otherapp payload to the root of your SD card and rename it to otherapp.bin
7.Copy boot.firm from the Luma3DS .7z to the root of your SD card
8.Create a folder named boot9strap on the root of your SD card
9.Copy boot9strap.firm and boot9strap.firm.sha from the boot9strap .zip to the /boot9strap/ folder on your SD card
10.Copy safehax.3dsx to the /3ds/ folder on your SD card
11.Copy udsploit.3dsx to the /3ds/ folder on your SD card
12.Copy SafeB9SInstaller.bin from the SafeB9SInstaller .zip to the root of your SD card and rename SafeB9SInstaller.bin to safehaxpayload.bin

13.Reinsert your SD card into your device
14.Power on your device
15.Launch Nintendo 3DS Sound

16.If you’ve never opened Nintendo 3DS Sound before and get tips on how to use it from a bird icon, go through all of the bird tips, then close the app normally and relaunch it
  • In this situation, launching Soundhax immediately would cause these tips to appear on every launch of the Nintendo 3DS Sound until this is done
17.Go to /SDCARD, then play “<3 nedwill 2016”
  • This may take many tries
  • If it freezes, just force the console to power off by holding the power button, then try again
  • If you get a red screen, ensure you copied boot.3dsx (the Homebrew Launcher) to the root of your SD card

18.If the exploit was successful, your device will have loaded the Homebrew Launcher

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