Kosmos V12.2 Released for Switch

Kosmos V12.2 Released for Switch

Team AtlasNX have released a new version of Kosmos which is an all-in-one CFW solution for your Nintendo Switch homebrew needs. Kosmos which is based on Atmosphere includes a pre-setup homebrew environment that you simply copy onto your micro sd card and launcher with a payload such as Hekate.Kosmos includes all the patches needed to run homebrew along with some special features such as a native homebrew toolbox and also includes hid-mitm (which allows for gamepad redirection) along with numerous other plugins and homebrew applications.

What's New?

* Updated Atmosphere to 0.8.10
* Updated sys_clk
* Updated emuiibo
* Decreased boot time by 3 seconds



* Atmosphere
* Up-to-date packages
* Support for every firmware
* No issues with starting games after launching homebrew
* Splash screens and instant launch
* Background FTP-Server
* Background netcheat system
* Signature patches
* NSP installation
* Updating through a console homebrew app
* Customizable button bindings for the Homebrew Loader
* Completely modular
* Drag and drop
* Auto-boot and module selection through a console homebrew app and much more!


* [Hekate](https://github.com/CTCaer/hekate)
* [Atmosphère](https://github.com/Atmosphere-NX/Atmosphere)
* [Switch Homebrew Loader](https://github.com/switchbrew/nx-hbloader)
* [Switch Homebrew Menu](https://github.com/switchbrew/nx-hbmenu)
* [Sys-FTPD](https://github.com/jakibaki/sys-ftpd)
* [Sys-Netcheat](https://github.com/jakibaki/sys-netcheat)
* [AppstoreNX](https://github.com/vgmoose/appstorenx)
* [Lockpick](https://github.com/shchmue/Lockpick)
* [EdiZon](https://github.com/thomasnet-mc/EdiZon)
* [Goldleaf](https://github.com/XorTroll/Goldleaf)
* [Kosmos Updater](https://github.com/StevenMattera/SDFilesUpdater)
* [Kosmos Toolbox](https://github.com/AtlasNX/CFW-Settings)
* [Sys-CLK](https://github.com/retronx-team/sys-clk)


* Download [Hekate](https://github.com/CTCaer/hekate/releases) or use the payload that comes with the package
* Download the [latest release](https://github.com/AtlasNX/Kosmos/releases) and extract it to the root of your Switch SD card
* Launch Hekate through either [TegraSharp](https://github.com/simontime/TegraSharp/releases), [Fusée Gelée](https://github.com/reswitched/fusee-launcher) or [WebCFWLoader](https://elijahzawesome.github.io/web-cfw-loader/)
* ???
* Profit!



* Updated Atmosphere to 0.8.10
* Updated sys_clk
* Updated emuiibo
* Decreased boot time by 3 seconds


* Updated Hekate
* Fixed SD-card compatibility for some people
* Updated ldn_mitm
* Updated emuiibo
* Updated hid_mitm


* Added ldn_mitm
* Reroutes ad-hoc to be able to play co-op together online
* This works together with Kosmos Toolbox!
* Warning: Broken on firmware 8.0
* Added emuiibo
* Mitm amiibo-services so you don't have to carry around all your amiibos
* Works with the Kosmos Toolbox!
* Warning: Broken on firmware 8.0
* Updated sys-clk
* Now hot-reloadable through Kosmos Toolbox
* The changelog for that update: [https://github.com/retronx-team/sys-clk/releases/tag/0.12.2](https://github.com/retronx-team/sys-clk/releases/tag/0.12.2)
* Updated Atmosphere
* Changelog can be found here: [https://github.com/Atmosphere-NX/Atmosphere/releases/tag/0.8.8](https://github.com/Atmosphere-NX/Atmosphere/releases/tag/0.8.8)
* Now support 8.0
* Updated Hekate
* Read the changelog here: [https://github.com/CTCaer/hekate/releases/tag/v4.10](https://github.com/CTCaer/hekate/releases/tag/v4.10)
* Updated Lockpick_RCM
* Now supports 8.0
* Updated ES patches (Thanks to anon on 4chan)


* Updated Atmosphere to 0.8.7
* Fixed fusee-primary compatibility for those who want to run fusee-primary instead
* Located under "Launch]Payloads]fusee-primary.bin"
* Updated Kosmos Toolbox config
* sys-clk now requires a restart (Will be fixed soon)
* Support for sys-nxsh was added

Nearly 6 months ago we released v11, it was one of the most critical changes to Kosmos and created a huge burden on the next major version. That burden being that it had to top the creation of a team and all the other stuff that happened with that version. Today, after 6 months and 14 releases, we're happy to release the 50th version of Kosmos and next major release, v12. It's completely unbelievable how far Kosmos has gotten over the time and all of this wouldn't have been possible without this talented team willing to join me on the adventure and all the patrons and fans that now allow us to pay for sdsetup.com, guide.sdsetup.com and much more.
I also want to thank @CTCaer and many other amazing developers for continues support over this journey but also artists such as bernv3 and the whole discord community constantly providing us with valuable feedback and happiness. So without any more rambling, let us look at this great changelog :)

* Updated Atmosphere to 0.8.6
* The default behavior for loader's HBL support was changed.
* Instead of launching HBL when album is launched without R held, loader now launches HBL when album or any game is launched with R held.
* Many other critical bugfixes and feature additions
* Switched to NSP sysmodules instead of the old KIP format
* Updated sys-ftpd to allow for authenticated connections
* Added the sys-clk sysmodule for overclocking
* Updated Goldleaf and the Homebrew Appstore
* This adds 7.x support to Goldleaf among other things
* Added fusee-primary payload as a bootable option
* Updated ES-Patches

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