NES ONLINE Game Injector MOD (New support)

NES ONLINE Game Injector MOD (New support)

As the Nes Online Game injector wasnt beinng updated , and lack of support for new Game Code format
I decided to take things into my hands and release Nes Online Game injector MOD

Wich give the program alot of new support changes, capability and improvment of user interface and utility control

Q: whats the diffrence between new and old Game Code format?
A:New format is Nes online 2.0 and above, Old format is below 2.0 like ver 1.1.0!

So without farder talk here it is


Latest ChangeLog:

Version 1.4.0M (New Era)

  • Complete Tool UI redesign now the tool has 2 Tabs one for files and other for values
  • Fixes issues with Numeric inputs , now should be no devide by 1 or 2 happening
  • included 2 Image templates 1 for Backgroud and 2 for ScreenShot Both PSD/PNG files present, See "Image Templates" folder in Last Release
  • anhanced the user exprience !!!
DOWNLOAD + SourceCode on github:

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