ReiNX v2.4 Released - Firmware 8.1.0 Support Added

ReiNX v2.4 Released - Firmware 8.1.0 Support Added

The ReiNX Team have released a new version of ReiNX which is a Custom Firmware (CFW) used for running homebrew on your Nintendo Switch. ReiNX is a popular alternative to the commonly used Hekate + Kosmos solution for booting homebrew and was the first CFW to come with signature patches.

What's New?

  • * 8.1 support
  • * Added stabilityTM


* Modularity (doesn't rely on or require any SD files to run; customize SD files to your liking)

* Loads all KIPs from `/ReiNX/sysmodules/` directory

* Optional custom kernel/secmon/warmboot

* FS patches on the fly (NCA verify/cmac and optional nogc)

* Kernel patches on the fly (optional debug mode)

* Exclusive ReiNX sysmodules

* ES patch in RXP patch format (used with custom loader.kip)


Elise and Reisyukaku



* 8.1 support
* Added stabilityTM


* Optional dmnt
* Stability TM
* Opt-in DeltaLaunch (WIP)


* 8.0.0 support
* Version string is back!
* Better shutdown from HOS
* Save redir
* stability TM


* 7.0.x support
* JIT patches
* support for exo/lp0fw
* Stability™

v7.0.x (Early Release)

7.0.X release. This is an early build/release that uses sept. Some games may not work as this is an early build, I just wanted to get a release out as fast as possible, there was not much testing of this. If you are not on 7.0.X already then do not update still until further notice. As always report all bugs to me and Rei.


forgot to mention, sleep mode is broken for the time being.

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