Resident Evil CODE: Vita v0.5 Released

Resident Evil CODE: Vita v0.5 Released


Resident Evil CODE:Vita is a homebrew 2D action / shooting game for the Sony Playstation Vita portable video gaming console. The goal of this mini - shooter is to survive the waves of enemies but also to keep the most humans alive, you will have access to 3 different weapons (gun, pump and uzi), as well as bonus weapons which will appear randomly in the game.


- Added a character selection menu
- Added a playable character (Chris Redfield)
- Added 5 levels (level different from the selected character)
- Added new enemies (leaker, zombie policeman, spiders)
- Added of a frontpanel in certain level
- Addition of new music
- Addition of sounds during the death of the enemies
- Addition of a red flash at the death of the enemies
- Modification of the appearance of the enemies, it is now a random mode
- Added a menu (new part, tutorial, options and credits)
- Changing menus and title screen
- Modification of the icon, the livearena and the boot screen
- Complete rewrite of the code, passing from .lua or .gml
- Fixed a bug that blocked the player at the bottom and the top of the screen
- Fixed a bug that canceled the sprite of your balls in contact with a enemy
- Minor bug fixes

- Add multiple levels
- Add multiple enemies
- Addition of a new musical theme
- Added an in-game
- Graphic corrections - Improvement of the patern of collisions
- Added screen-intro for each level
- Added graphics (health bar, combobar, collisions, shot, life items, shadows)
- Corrections various bugs
- Large source code changes
- Clean source code

- Public beta version
- Changing the start menu and writing characters
- Modification of livearena icons
- Add an enemy (dog zombie)
- Addition of different sound effects
- Adding a music
- Various corrections and modifications of the source code

- Non-public alpha version
- Many modifications of the source code
- Modifications of sprites of origins

Resident-Evil-CODE-Vita-v0-5 - Resident_Evil_CODE_Vita.vpk (65,464,001 bytes)

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