Run CFW on iPatched Nintendo Switch Consoles Running 4.1.0 Achieved

Run CFW on iPatched Nintendo Switch Consoles Running 4.1.0 Achieved

Team AtlasNX have posted information about how you can use their PegaScape portal to now get CFW booting on the newer iPatched Nintendo Switch consoles that are running either 4.0.1 or 4.1.0 firmware versions. It is highly advised you read the warning section before proceeding. PegaScape is a user-friendly public frontend for common PegaSwitch scripts including Nereba, Caffeine, HBL and more that was just recently published and can be accessed from it's official website.

If you're interested in learning more about PegaScape we've been covering news about it since it has been officially announced.

## Warning

Up to now, almost all homebrew for the Switch have been developed with the concept in mind that everyone has access to RCM. As such, most homebrew and especially RCM payloads have zero protection for users on IPATCHED units.

Understand that this means it is incredibly easy to do something which, while considered normal on consoles with an exploitable RCM, can render IPATCHED Switches permanently inoperable. For your safety, you should avoid using the following homebrews on IPATCHED systems:

* memloader
* ChoiDujour
* ChoiDujourNX (safe on emuMMC, do not use on sysnand)
* Anything involving AutoRCM (briccmii, SX OS payload, etc)
* Many homebrews have been updated to block enabling AutoRCM on IPATCHED units including Hekate and ChoiDujourNX. Still exercise very high caution.
* Anything which writes to sysNAND without proper security or verification in place

Upon using PegaScape to reboot into a payload on an IPATCHED Switch, you should immediately create a NAND backup with Hekate and dump all of your keys (especially BIS keys) with Lockpick_RCM. Understand that by not dumping these, there is no recovery method for your Switch should anything cause it to fail to boot.

You should strongly consider using an emuMMC for all CFW usage to avoid any damage to your Switch.

That said, *celebrate!* We can now run CFW on IPATCHED Switches!

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