Lakka Updated (07/29/2019)

Lakka Updated (07/29/2019)

natinusala has released a new version Lakka, which is a popular Linux distribution for the Nintendo Switch. Lakka is a minimal distro that boots directly into the RetroArch Libretro API front end allowing you to utilize various emulators and game engines to play retro games on your Nintendo Switch.

Ahoi everyone, after three months of inactivity I am happy to present to you a new Lakka update:

/! I strongly recommend that you reset your config after applying this update - to do so, delete /lakka/storage/.config/retroarch/retroarch.cfg /!

It will reset RetroArch's settings but not your playlists, core options, remaps, etc...

Core updates:

*  New core: Play! PS2 emulator (experimental, quite slow for now)
*  New core: mame2010
*  New core: Genesis Plus GX; the core is back and now default for Sega consoles
*  New core: openlara, an open source Tomb Raider engine
*  mupen64plus-next: the core has been rebased against latest GLideN64, fixing compatiblity with the few games that were still broken (including Yoshi's Island 64)
*  Dolphin: the core has been updated with new core options (BBOX, texture cache accuracy)
*  PPSSPP: the core has been updated with a new core option, IO Timing, as well as an improved games compatibility
*  PCSX-ReARMed: the core has been updated
*  FBAlpha has been renamed FBNeo
*  Reicast has been renamed Flycast
*  PRBoom: the core has been updated and now supports sigil.wad


*  There is now a Shutdown menu entry to properly shutdown the console from Lakka without the need to go back to RCM

*  RetroArch has been updated
*  The default audio driver is now alsathread - that fixes PPSSPP hard freezing when opening the menu / closing content
*  The Switch now charges faster in Lakka

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How to update:

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