Rocket Video Player v1.1 Released

Rocket Video Player v1.1 Released

The Nintendo DS homebrew scene saw the release of a new video player back May, which I didn't notice until just today. Robz8 released Rocket Video Player which is a native video playing homebrew application for Nintendo DS and compatible video gaming consoles (this includes the DSi, 3DS and 2DS consoles). Rocket Video Player is an alternative to MoonShell that offers lossless video quality, up to 60fps and 16Khz audio. The conversion process requires VirtualDub2, Audacity a custom Windows program and a little bit of manual work.

After 9 years (as of this post) since the latest version of MoonShell released, the SD-compatible alternative to MoonShell is finally here!

Introducing the Rocket Video Player! It's the video player that plays video files with an extension called ".rvid", bringing you the ultimate in picture quality, thanks to it's lossless frame data.

If the video is uncompressed, you may need a big enough SD card

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