New Mariko Nintendo Switch Tear Down Pictures Published

New Mariko Nintendo Switch Tear Down Pictures Published

ifixit, which is a website famous for creating tear downs for popular consumer electronics has gotten their hands on the new revised "Mariko" Nintendo Switch consoles. No, these aren't the new Switch Lite consoles, but a simply revised main model that comes with a newer CPU and faster RAM, which in turn increases the battery life (meaning, you can game longer).

The code name Mariko for this newer console version was discovered in changes  that were released on March 13th, 2018 in firmware v5.0.0. SciresM predicted that this console revision would be a "quiet" update and his prediction came true.

The difference is a new CPU and updated memory chips, which offer increased efficiency resulting in significantly better battery life. The updated CPU is still an Nvidia Tegra X1-based system-on-chip—we’re pretty sure this is a Nintendo riff on the T210B01 Tegra X1 chip that is also rumored to appear in the new Shield TV and possibly the Switch Lite. If this is true, we’re looking at a smaller 16 nm chip, which would account for a good chunk of the efficiency improvements over the old 20 nm chip. The updated LPDDR4X memory chips are also more energy-efficient than the LPDDR4 chips from the 2017 model.

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