PCSX ReARMed Add ARM64 Backends to the dynarec (Bounty)

PCSX ReARMed Add ARM64 Backends to the dynarec (Bounty)

Renown Nintendo Switch developer m4xw has posted a link to a new bounty from within The RetroNX Discord server. The (Bounty) Add x86 32bit/64bit and ARM64 backends to the dynarec aims to have a developer get the dynamic recompilation under the PCSX ReARMed Sony PlayStation 1 emulator running under the ARM64 architecture, which means, if someone takes up the current $270.00 USD bounty, we could see a major speed improvement when playing PS1 games on the Switch.

PCSX ReARMed uses a modified version of the Ari64 dynarec from Mupen64 Plus, but it only has a backend for ARMv7 (32bit).

This bounty is for the following:

*  Add dynarec backends for the following architectures:

    *  ARM 64bit
    *  x86 (32bit)
    *  x86_64 (64bit)
*  The 32bit/64bit x86 dynarecs should work on Linux, Windows (and Mac).

*  Code should be written in C (and ASM stubs for the parts that are needed) just like the Ari64 dynarec code in Mupen64plus.

Once we have confirmed that the new dynarec backends work with the libretro port, the bounty will be paid out.
More Info/Visit: www.bountysource.com

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