ps3-psvresigner v1.0 Released

ps3-psvresigner v1.0 Released

It only took 13 years, but the save game data encryption used on PSV format Sony PlayStation 3 save games has been cracked! dots-tb has released a small PC based utility that will allow you to resign your save game data, allowing you to use it on other PS3 consoles. PSV saves are used for Sony PlayStation One and Sony PlayStation 2 emulated games.

by @dots_tb - Resigns non-console specific PS3 PSV savefiles. PSV files embed PS1 and PS2 save data. This program does not inject save files and only signs! These work on non-hacked consoles with OFW. With help from the CBPS ( , especially:

@AnalogMan151 @teakhanirons @notzecoxao @nyaaasen

A video from the CBPS to the PSV ELITES:

Drag and drop a modified PSV PSOne or PS2 save file onto the program. It will resign it so that you may use with your PS3 through USB.

Or use CMD: ./ps3-psvresigner [savefile.PSV]

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