libnx 2.5.0 Released - Firmware 9.0.0 Support Added!

libnx 2.5.0 Released - Firmware 9.0.0 Support Added!

switchbrew has released a new version of their C++ development library libnx for Nintendo Switch developers. This new version adds support for the recently released Switch firmware v9.0.0, which changed the way HID devices (joycon, gamepad, etc ...) are handled. These changes resulting in any homebrew that requires user input to not function correctly under v9.0.0 and thus every single homebrew author that used libnx needs to update it and recompile their software.


Today we bring you an important update to libnx, which brings in 9.0.0 compatibility. This includes a fix that allows homebrew to process input on 9.0.0 and users are strongly advised to recompile all their projects. In addition, several libnx releases have gone unannounced, we therefore finally present them to the public. -

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