nx-TAS v0.1.0 Released

nx-TAS v0.1.0 Released

hamhub7 has released an initial version of nx-TAS, which is a small addon for the Atmosphere CFW for homebrew enabled Nintendo Switch consoles that will allow you to run input scripts from the sd card (thus allowing you to play games using pre-written scripts). nx-TAS is fundamentally different than its predecessor, TAS-nx, in that it uses a virtual controller to send inputs instead of changing the inputs of the currently used controller. This program runs simple scripts from the SD card and exectutes the inputs at the press of a button.


New features are already planned, such as changing the tye of controller (pro, joycons, sideways joycons, and possibly other controllers), multiple player TAS support, motion controls, some way to combat variable load times and rng (for most games), and color customizaition of the controllers.


### Installation

1.  Acquire `nx-TAS.nsp` either from the latest release, or more preferrably build yourself via the instructions below
2.  Create the relevant title directory on your Switch's SD card at `sdmc:/atmosphere/titles/0100000000000cab/`
3.  Place the NSP as `sdmc:/atmosphere/titles/0100000000000cab/exefs.nsp`
4.  Create an empty file at `sdmc:/atmosphere/titles/0100000000000cab/flags/boot2.flag`
5.  Reboot into CFW

### [](#keybinds)Keybinds

You need to have a USB keyboard attached to your Switch, either via the dock or a USB-A to USB-C adapter in the charging port.

#### [](#controllers)Controllers

*   `1` = Pro Controller
*   `2` = Pair of Joycons (this adds two controllers; exists for ease-of-use)
*   `3` = Left Joycon
*   `4` = Right Joycon
*   `5` = Famicom Controller
*   `6` = Famicom Controller with mic
*   `7` = NES Controller
*   `8` = Unused SNES-style Controller/Pad
*   `-` = Remove the most recently added controller

#### [](#scripts)Scripts

*   `f1` = `sdmc:/scripts/script1.txt`
*   `f2` = `sdmc:/scripts/script2.txt`
*   ...
*   `f12` = `sdmc:/scripts/script12.txt`

#### [](#utilities)Utilities

*   `Q` = Press L+R on the most recently added controller
*   `W` = Press A on the most recently added controller


This program was forked from jakibaki's hid-mitm, and a huge thank you to him and the rest of the AtlasNX discord server for helping this program out



This is the first beta of nx-TAS! Download the zip file and place at the root of your sd card running an atmosphere setup to use nx-TAS! Full instructions in the readme file in the code.

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