NxThemes Installer v2.1 Released

NxThemes Installer v2.1 Released

exelix11 has released a new version of NxThemes Installer which is a homebrew application for managing custom themes on the Nintendo Switch. It supports managing (installing and removing) custom themes using the latest technology (custom fonts, animations, icons and layouts included). This new version has been updated to work under 9.0.0, but breaks some things in CFW other than vanilla Atmosphere.

What's New?



*  Support for 9.0
    *  Since 9.0 the home menu will require some code patches to work properly with themes, unfortunately not all CFWs support that, currently only lockscreen themes are affected, the installer will warn you when installing a theme that requires a patch you don't have
    *  This also means that for each update of the home menu the affected parts will break for sure as the patch will have to be updated
*  Updated the applet icons patching process and custom layout, finally the color should stay the same no matter the theme selected in the system settings.
*  Added the option to change the order of panes via custom layouts, more info [here]
*  Improved UI navigation and fixed minor issues


*  Better linux support
    *  Now it's possible to build nxthemes without having to use DDS images. You can use JPG images for backgrounds and PNG for applet icons
    *  Remote install is supported via command line args
*  Fixed various crashes
Firmware 9.0.0 Warning
Due to changes in the way firmware 9.0.0 handles user input homebrew will have to be recompiled to function correctly using this firmware. Read the changelog to make sure the homebrew you're using has been updated to work on 9.0.0 if you're using firmware 9.0.0 or newer.


 Install the new nxtheme format
 Install the old szs themes
 Automatically detect proper name and firmware version for szs files
 Directly dump home menu nca, no more hacdiskmount !
 Suports all major cfws (atmosphere, reinx and sx os)


Basic Installation Instructions

Create a folder called themes in the root of the sd and copy your themes in there, to install nxthemes you'll have to follow this [a href="https://github.com/exelix11/SwitchThemeInjector/blob/master/DumpingFiles.md"]quick guide[/a] first.


Make sure to have layeredFS set up on your console or else themes won't show up.

Sx os doesn't require you to have the "sxos" folder on the root of the sd, but if you don't have it the installer won't detect sx os. So if you use sx os and don't have a folder called sxos on the sd, manually create it.

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