Rekado 3.2 Released

Rekado 3.2 Released

MenosGrante has released a new version of his Android OS based payload injector for the Nintendo Switch.Rekado allows you to inject your payload of choice using your phone, tablet or other smart device into your Nintendo Switch (which is a required part of the homebrew process ).

### New

* Added: Functionality to scan console's serial number from the barcode in the Serial Checker window.
* Added: "Restart" dialog after every change of theme | color to properly initialize it.
* Added: "Reset" option in the Appearance settings category to reset all appearance settings to default.

### Design

* Updated: Default "Dark" theme colors.
* Fixed: Cutting edges of colors in the "Color picker" dialog.

### Development

* Updated: Gradle to 5.6.1.
* Updated: Gradle Plugin to 3.5.0.
* Updated: Kotlin to 1.3.50.
* Updated: Kotlin Coroutines to 1.3.0.
* Removed: Paper dependency.
* Removed: Material Dialogs dependency.

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