yapesdl v0.70.2-wiiu-version Released

yapesdl v0.70.2-wiiu-version Released

xhp-creations has released a brand new emulator port for the Nintendo Wii U! yapesdl is a port of the Commodore 64/264 emulator for your homebrew enabled Nintendo Wii U video gaming console. yapesdl is a multiplatform Commodore 64 and 264 family emulator written in C++ using SDL2.


Note that the Wii U is similar, but slightly different than most other
versions, because of the environment the app will be used on, and the
differences in SDL for the Wii U. Not everything in SDL is implemented
on the Wii U yet, this includes keyboard support, so a wrapper is provided
to allow you to use a USB keyboard.

A USB keyboard is not required, but for the best experience, it is recommended.

Some functions, such as the external monitor and disassembler are not fully
implemented in the Wii U version yet, because we can not show the "console"
and GPU graphics at the same time. Once a second window to contain this info
is added to the project, along with a method to show it, it will be available
to use.

Gamepad mappings:
HOME button: Exit emulator and go back to HBL
MINUS button: Enter/exit options menus
A, B, D-PAD: Navigate options menu and make selections or go back.
PLUS button: Change windows size
B button: Joystick button 1
A button: Joystick button 2 (for games like Super Mario Bros. that use
the UP direction for a second button)
Y button: switch emulated joystick port
X button: toggle between unlimited speed and 50 Hz frame rate (original speed)
L button: Send 'LOAD"$",8' to the keyboard buffer
ZL button: Send 'LIST' to the keyboard buffer
R button: Send 'LOAD"*",8,1' to the keyboard buffer
ZR button: Send 'RUN:' to the keyboard buffer
Left Thumb: forced reset (memory remains intact)
Right Thumb: hard reset (clear memory, reloads ROMs, rewinds tape)
Touch Screen: Bring up keyboard overlay for reference only

If you are using a USB keyboard, most shortcuts are the same as the other versions,
only a few that aren't mapped to the gamepad or in the options menu are not included.

The Wii U version is not endorsed by calmopyrin yet, and may not be in the future.
The Wii U version was ported by brienj of XHP Creations from calmopyrin's SDL version.
I give full credit to calmopyrin for making the original SDL version.

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