Heart Of Darkness on Switch and Psvita

Heart Of Darkness on Switch and Psvita

 The developer Matthieu Milan (aka usineur) has just released a brand new game based on the game Heart of Darkness. Named Hode, his portage is destined for the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation Vita.

It is based on the rewrite of the engine used in the game Heart of Darkness Amazing Studio, Heart of Darkness is a video game action and platform released in 1998 on PlayStation and Windows.

Developed by a team of no more than 12 people under Eric Chahi, he asked for six years of work and was the only game of Amazing Studio. He was originally scheduled to come out on Saturn, but this version was eventually canceled.

Heart of Darkness tells the story of Andy, a lively little boy with a great imagination. One day, punished by the teacher for falling asleep in class during the class, he ran away from school with his trusty little Whiskey dog.

Andy will discover that his dog has been kidnapped by the dark creatures that inhabit the Darklands, the dark lands that surround the heart of darkness, where the master of darkness dwells.

Nintendo Switch Installation
- Create the / switch / hode directory inside the SD card.
- Copy all the data files in (read the README.txt file), hode.nro and hode.ini.
- Run the .nro file on the Switch.

PlayStation Vita Installation
- Install the hode.vpk file using VitaShell.
- Copy all the data files (read the file README.txt) and hode.ini in the directory ux0: data / hode.
- Edit the hode.ini file and set the value of scale_factor to 1 and the fullscreen to true.

Link/Download: Hode v0.2.0

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