Incognito_RCM v0.4 Released

Incognito_RCM v0.4 Released

The developer jimzrt gives us the fifth version of Incognito_RCM which is now proposed in v0.4. As you probably know Incognito does not work under Vanilla Atmosphere, it is possible to use the paylaod Incognito_RCM that can be used with Hekate, or any other payload injector offering the same features.

The Incognito_RCM payload will take care of erasing the personal information of your Nintendo console by removing them from prodinfo.


- Delete personal information on sysnand / emunand
- prodinfo backup of sysnand / emunand
- Restore prodinfo on sysnand / emunand

This version 0.4 brings:

- Adoption of lockpick_rcm and hekate changes (including bug fixing and better resource management)
- Reducing the size of the payload
- Using the progress bar tui

Link/Download: Incognito_RCM v0.4

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