Kosmos v14.2 Released

Kosmos v14.2 Released

Team AtlasNX have released a new version of their Kosmos all-in-one pre-configured CFW package which is based on Hekate v5.0.2 and Atmosphere v0.9.4 along with the latest version of PegaScape. Kosmos is a universal solution will allow you to easily boot homebrew on all Nintendo Switch consoles, including iPatched consoles running the v4.1.0 firmware. This new version includes updates to various bundled applications.

What's New?

*  Updated sys-clk
*  Updated Lockpick_RCM
*  Updated Lockpick
*  Updated Goldleaf
*  Updated NXDumpTool
*  Updated Goldleaf (yes, again)
*  Updated ldn_mitm
*  Updated emuiibo

Firmware 9.0.0 Warning
Due to changes in the way firmware 9.0.0 handles user input homebrew will have to be recompiled to function correctly using this firmware. Read the changelog to make sure the homebrew you're using has been updated to work on 9.0.0 if you're using firmware 9.0.0 or newer.



*   Atmosphere
*   Up-to-date packages
*   Support for every firmware
*   No issues with starting games after launching homebrew
*   Splash screens and instant launch
*   Background FTP-Server
*   Background netcheat system
*   Signature patches
*   NSP installation
*   Updating through a console homebrew app
*   Customizable button bindings for the Homebrew Loader
*   Completely modular
*   Drag and drop
*   Auto-boot and module selection through a console homebrew app and much more!


*   [Hekate](https://github.com/CTCaer/hekate)
*   [Atmosphère](https://github.com/Atmosphere-NX/Atmosphere)
*   [Switch Homebrew Loader](https://github.com/switchbrew/nx-hbloader)
*   [Switch Homebrew Menu](https://github.com/switchbrew/nx-hbmenu)
*   [Sys-FTPD](https://github.com/jakibaki/sys-ftpd)
*   [Sys-Netcheat](https://github.com/jakibaki/sys-netcheat)
*   [AppstoreNX](https://github.com/vgmoose/appstorenx)
*   [Lockpick](https://github.com/shchmue/Lockpick)
*   [EdiZon](https://github.com/thomasnet-mc/EdiZon)
*   [Goldleaf](https://github.com/XorTroll/Goldleaf)
*   [Kosmos Updater](https://github.com/StevenMattera/SDFilesUpdater)
*   [Kosmos Toolbox](https://github.com/AtlasNX/CFW-Settings)
*   [Sys-CLK](https://github.com/retronx-team/sys-clk)


See https://pegascape.sdsetup.com for general usage instructions

The PegaScape ZIP is an addon package for PegaScape users containing every PegaScape payload and Fake News Installer. If you are not using PegaScape, you do not need that ZIP....

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