Lockpick RCM v1.7.0 Released

Lockpick RCM v1.7.0 Released

 The developer shchmue has just put on line a new version of Lockpick RCM which passes in v1.7.0.

As you know by now, Lockpick RCM is a payload that allows you to obtain encryption keys for hactool, hactoolnet / LibHac, ChoiDujour and many others.

Changelog 1.7.0:

- Lockpick_RCM now correctly parses ES backup files for a much faster Titlekey extraction, that is linear in number of title keys rather than checking the entire backup container.

- Many thanks to @Thealexbarney for an excellent source of truth about the analysis of backups in the form of https://github.com/Thealexbarney/LibHac/ and for answering so many questions about it in addition to all the hard work to reverse FS and constantly improve LibHac

- Fixed a major bug in the code of Hekate (do the same if you use Hekate code in your own projects! Ref CTCaer / hekate # 300) and removal of some of Lockpick RCM's own memory leaks.

Link/Download: Lockpick RCM v1.7.0

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