ns-usbloader v0.8.1

ns-usbloader v0.8.1

Developersu has just updated almost a month after the 0.8, its Ns-Usbloader software that arrives in v0.8.1.

As a reminder, Ns-Usbloader will allow you to easily transfer data via USB for applications like Goldleaf or Tinfoil.

Its application replaces Tinfoil's python script, which is proposed in java for launching on Windows, Linux and MacOS, NS-Usbloader is an Adubbz / TinFoil NSP installation program (version 0.2.1; and network) and GoldLeaf (USB) on the PC side with GUI and cookies.

Changelog v0.8.1:

- Translation into Vietnamese added. Thanks to @pnghai
- Fixed the sorting of files by size. Thanks to @wolfposd
- Now, the size of the window will be saved on closing and restored once the application has started.
- Minor fixes in the user interface

Link/Download: ns-usbloader v0.8.1

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