NS-USBloader v0.9 Released

NS-USBloader v0.9 Released

Developer Developersu has updated its Ns-Usbloader software to v0.9, which will allow you to easily transfer data via USB for applications like Goldleaf or Tinfoil.

For those who don't know NS-USBloader, it takes the place of Tinfoil's python script, which is proposed in java to run on Windows, Linux and MacOS, NS-Usbloader is an Adubbz NSP installation program / TinFoil (version 0.2.1; USB and network) and GoldLeaf (USB) on the PC side with graphical interface and cookies.

 Known bugs
- The transmission can not be interrupted when libusb is waiting for the read event (when the user has sent the NSP list but has not selected anything on the Nintendo Switch).

To note
- The 'Status' = 'Uploaded' table doesn't mean that the file has been installed. This means that it has been sent to Nintendo Switch without any problem!

Changelog v0.9
- Split file support (for all supported home distribution applications).
- Bug fixes: The application doesn't start if it is saved in the folder with the character "+" in the name.
- Many minor updates to the user interface.

Link/Download: NS-USBloader v0.9

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