NSC_BUILDER v0.95 is Available

NSC_BUILDER v0.95 is Available

The developer julesontheroad continues to advance his NSC_Builder tool which now goes to v0.95.

As a reminder, NSC_Builder has taken the success of NUT_Batch_Cleaner, which serves as an implementation of its modded hacbuild. NSC_Builder, Nintendo's Switch Cleaner and Builder, was designed around the "REMOVE_TITLE_RIGHTS" function, which allows you to erase titlerights encryption from NSP files.

This version 0.95 brings a lot of changes!

- Addition of the oversized xcz format to the compressor. This means that it will not pack the update partition (system firmware content), a lossless compressor that compresses this partition will be added later.
- Addition of additional compression presets
- Added the check nsz and xcz both in the info-file gui and in the batch interface.
- Added renaming for nsz and xcz.
- support for xcz and nsz will be added slowly to all functions
- Added an option to convert xci to nsz during their compression in the configuration. This is a very useless thing to do since tinfoil would install xcz or nsz files but to each one their own if you feel the need to convert at least do it in a restorable and verifiable way.
- Added additional information options in FILE-INFO mode for nsz \ xczz
- Fixed the configuration of the user compression profile.
- Added the optional -1 threads. This defines the threads according to the logical cores of the processor.
- Reduce the size of the nsz header and change the order of the files for a standard cnmt order.
- The individual mode will now filter unsupported extensions for preprocessing the selected function.
- Added optional romaji conversion when renaming files.
- Added an option to select files and folders to add to the list via the file browser window.
- Change the Read_cnmt option in File-Info to reflect the improvements made in the mistletoe.
- Fixed restore for key generation10
- Fixed a check for files transformed from a key generation10 to a lower generation.
Note: All construction and verification processes for unmodified files have not been affected.
- Added RSV for 9.01 to the RSV check and restore.

Link/Download: NSC_BUILDER v0.95

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