NSC_BUILDER v0.96 Released

NSC_BUILDER v0.96 Released

 The developer julesontheroad makes once again progress his tool NSC_BUILDER while putting online version v0.96 of his program.

As a reminder, NSC_Builder has taken the success of NUT_Batch_Cleaner, which serves as an implementation of its modded hacbuild. NSC_Builder, Nintendo's Switch Cleaner and Builder, was designed around the "REMOVE_TITLE_RIGHTS" function, which allows you to erase titlerights encryption from NSP files.

This version 0.96 is stratospheric:

- Added several functions nsz and xcz. Although some have already been added, here is a summary of the current status of all the features related to nsz \ xcz support.

Mode 1: Individual mode.
> Support for repacking as nsp \ xci with support for key generation and rsv patch.
> Supports delete deletion and rebuild functions. The reconstruction will give the same result as the decompressor but will add an xml if necessary for the nsz files.
> Support to rename nsz \ xcz that was already supported
> Support for the nsz \ xczz verification that was already supported.
xci trimmer \ supertrimmer \ supertrimmer \ untrimmer will filter the xcz \ nsz from the list since it would not currently have a different effect from repack \ decompress.

Mode 2: Multi Mode.
> Add support to nsz \ xczz as input. Mixed inputs of nsz \ xcz \ xcz \ nsp \ xci are supported for all multiple options.

Mode 3: Splitter mode.
> Now allows to divide in a decompressed state multi nsz \ xcz as it does with xci \ nspsp

Mode 4: Info Mode.
> All information functions, except nut-info, are currently supported.

Mode 5: Database mode.
> Currently, do not edit the title key. It will be corrected in the next versions.

Mode 6: Advanced Mode.
> The file extractor will extract all files in an uncompressed state. > Nsz are decompressed during extraction.
> Raw extractor will extract uncompressed nsz files
> The Plaintext and NCA extraction operations are not yet adapted.
> The linked account fix will support the nsz and xcz files.

- IMPORTANT: When FAT32 types are selected as the output format, the nsz \ xcz will be filtered from the list for fat32 file output modes, this is because the fat32 output code has not yet been added . (more tests are needed)
- XCZ and NSZ will also be added as output formats for Modes 1, 2 and 3 in future releases.

Bug fixes:
- Fixed an issue where the verification of key generation patches was displayed as correct and then displayed a second message as incorrect.
- Fixed an issue where the restore mode did not restore the cnmt file under certain conditions for RSV patched cnmts.
- Added a mirror for the nutdb database

Important note
The Rommenu SX OS gallery installation program does not work properly with games using master_key_09 \ keygeneration 10. These will not install properly in this installer and xci or cxci using this master key will display a white icon in the installer. the loader, although they will mount properly because of the system that handles this part.
The solution is to lower the key generation, as happened previously in FW 6.2. Lowering these games to keygeneration 9 (master_key_08) will display the icons as expected and will install these games under this installer.
If you only plan to install them, remember that you can use other alternatives like SX Installer, tinfoil, OGTinfoil, lithium or goldleaf.

Hope TX will solve this problem soon, but for now, please use this countermeasure.

Link/Download: NSC_BUILDER v0.96

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