OG_Tinfoil v0.3.0 Released

OG_Tinfoil v0.3.0 Released

The controversial developer Blawar offers a version of Tinfoil named OG_Tinfoil, based on the old Tinfoil source code, this modified version offers new features and new media, the most prominent being the support of NSZ files.

This NSZ support works via USB, network or SD, note that HOS will not mount an NSZ file, so to install it from the SD you have to rename it to NSP. In a future release, Blawar will create a rename automatically. The latter recalls that NSZs are up to 96% smaller than NSPs for faster downloads and installations and less PC storage space.


> To install FS sig patches, there are two ways to do it:
  - Use of the latest version of hekate with the option kip1patch = nosigchk of hekate_ipl.ini.
  - Use ReiNX
> Place the Tinfoil .nro file in the "switch" folder of the SD card and launch the manager using the homebrew menu.

Caution, use with caution, it remains a work-in-progress version.

Link/Download: OG_Tinfoil v0.3.0

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