ONEMenu for PSVita v3.14 Released

ONEMenu for PSVita v3.14 Released

The ONElua Team is back on the PlayStation Vita stage with the proposal of a new version of ONEMenu for PSVita which is now in v3.14.

OneMenu LUA is a manager that separates the games and applications installed on your console into several categories. If you already know ONEmenu of the PSP, then you already have a good overview of what ONEMenu can offer. Onemenu comes with an integrated file explorer, it takes over from App Manager Plus which is no longer updated.

This version v3.14 is interesting in several ways:

- Added support for firmware 3.71 / 3.72.
- Added a simple video player (reads only videos compatible with PSVita).
- In the game screen (Bubbles) you have to press the square button to access the applications of the system.
- Now, to access the system options of ONEMenu you have to press the start button.
- New option "Delete empty directories on media directories" in the system options of ONEMenu.
- Bug fixes and improvements in the code.

Link/Download: ONEMenu for PSVita v3.14

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