Payload Launcher v2.0.0 Released

Payload Launcher v2.0.0 Released

 The developer with the pseudonym suchmememanyskill offers us version v2.0.0 of Payload Launcher.

The last stable version was 1.1.4 and distributed in April, more than 6 months ago, so the novelties are many, starting with a rewrite almost complete.

Its program will allow you to use the reboot to load payloads, it works under Atmosphere, under SX OS, ReiNX or Kosmos.

This new update makes the application a little more colorful and partially improves the use of payloads. The application incorporates a new logo, and supports up to 500 different payloads.

By pressing the button, it is also possible to replace the reboot_payload.bin payload file, which is executed with a restart via the Switch menu (this option only works with Atmosphere and Kosmos).

Changelog v2.0.0

- Added other colors to the user interface.
- A lot of code has been completely rewritten to not be a gigantic casino.
- Payload favorites are now managed by adding its position to the ini file, so it does not generate a favorites.payload file.
- New logo.
- Added fast scrolling with the right joystick.
- This version can load up to 500 payloads.

Link/Download: Payload Launcher v2.0.0

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