Releases: SX OS 2.9.1, 2.9.2

Releases: SX OS 2.9.1, 2.9.2

Just a little over a week ago Team Xecuter released the 2.9 version of their SX OS CFW. This was a highly requested piece of “firmware” because it finally was compatible with the Switch’s 9.0.0 update. However, while it worked for some, it was broken for most. We released our article at that time announcing the update, but with a warning; you shouldn’t downgrade back after this and your XCI files may or may not work. Some people even reported issues with ChoiDujour no longer working properly. Since then Team Xecuter has released two new updates. Since they were practically back to back, we’re going to talk about both of them right now.

2.9.1 Announcement:

  •     ‘Fixed Issues With ChoDuJourNX
  •     XCI Compatibility Improved

    There is still XCI compatibility issues, we’re looking into, but this should solve *a lot* of issues for people who could not play any games on 9.x. We’re investigating those… People who repacked games to include updates, those are the only ones that still have issues on 9.x. Your help on our TX Discord in pinpointing out which ones were having the *most* issues, was greatly thankful, and we look forward to having more valuable feedback from our SX OS users on what needs to be improved on for our next SX OS release.

2.9.2 Announcement:

  •   ‘Supports 9.0.1
        This release fully supports the latest Nintendo Switch v9.0.1 firmware, if you had not noticed that are previous one did as well! :)

  •    Local Multiplayer over the internet (LAN play) is working again.
        Somewhere down the line we introduced a regression in functionality causing local multiplayer emulation to be broken and/or out of sync with the current lan-play implementation. This has been addressed and should work correctly again.

  •     Extended scope of Stealth Mode
        Recently it has come to our attention that there was claims floating around about stealth mode being broken on SX OS v2.9+. We investigated these claims and are happy to let you know this is completely wrong. Stealth Mode behaved exactly the same like it always did. Nonetheless, we took this feedback/rumour as an opportunity to further tighten down on the stealthiness. From now you cannot start the eShop application if you have stealth mode enabled. Furthermore all error reporting and telemetry has been neutered. That means errors that are generated while using SX OS that might get you “flagged” won’t be queued up for delivery when you boot into OFW anymore either!

  •   Improved XCI game compatibility
        In our last update we already addressed some compatibility issues with re-packed XCI images, yet some XCI files were still not playable. We investigated this issue and as it turns out there are certain tools around (older versions of ‘NSC Builder’ for example) that generate bogus metadata for the (encrypted) ‘Gamecard Info’ that is part of the XCI header. Our gamecart emulation now detects these bad images and fixes them. If you want your XCI images to be future proof; please be careful with whatever post-processing you apply to XCI files though, we can’t clean up after other people’s mistakes indefinitely!
  •   Rebooting SX OS
        If you select “restart” now from the power options menu you will actually reboot into SX OS. There is no need to replug your SX Pro dongle or send a payload from your computer when doing so. Additionally, if an error occurs you can also reboot into SX OS by simply pressing the power button. Neat!’

Where to Buy:

The best current place to buy in the US, and generally has sales pretty often is from Mod3DSCard’s site. I have the link here if you just need an SX OS license, here if you want to buy just an SX Gear, or here if you want the granddaddy SX Pro.


  1. If you’re not already up to date, update to 9.0.1 using your method of choice.
  2. Download the latest SX OS beta boot.dat file from here
  3. Insert your Switch’s microSD card into your computer.
  4. Drag and drop boot.dat file to the microSD card. If you have an old boot.dat file, let this overwrite it. If you’re a new SX OS user, this just sits on the root.
  5. Return your microSD card to your Switch and use it how you always have.
  6. Boot the system using the SX Pro dongle or the payload injection method as you always have.

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