Streaming Switch is AVAILABLE !

Streaming Switch is AVAILABLE !

The developer Exelix11 will have succeeded his coup, surprise us via his Twitter account, via two small videos, the one showing a streaming of his Nintendo Switch on PC.

Two days ago we presented its streaming solution until then without official name, but now SysDVR arrives on the Switch scene with a very first version.

This is an experimental system module that captures the game's output running on a PC. Two versions are available: one for streaming via USB and the other for streaming over the network (TCP). Currently, it is not possible to use both at the same time.

Using the MPV player is recommended because it is the easiest to configure, any other drive that supports raw h264 streams via tcp or stdin should work, but you may need to manually configure it.

Some specificities:
- Video quality is fixed at 720p @ 30 frames / second with h264 compression (hardware limit)
- Audio quality is set at 16-bit PCM @ 48 kHz stereo. Uncompressed
- Only works on games with video recording enabled (you can also long-press the capture button to record a video).
- Video and audio are two different streams, they are likely to get out of sync because they require two different player instances. Vlc supports a secondary audio stream but I have not managed to make it work properly.
- Capture only the game output. The system interface, the home menu and the homebrews running as an applet will not be captured.
- The video feed is not real, there will always be a minimum of ~ 1 second delay.
- The quality of the flow depends strongly on the environment, the quality of the USB wire or a weak wifi signal can affect it significantly.
- The quality of the flow is also affected by the software configuration.
- USB streaming is not available when connected to the docking station.
- Firmware required> =
- It is clear that with these limitations, this module does not allow "remote play" and does not replace a capture card.


Configuring the system module
The compilations provided already contain the correct file structure, you should just be able to extract them to your SD card.
To remove the sysmodule module, simply delete the atmosphere / titles / 00FF000000A53BBB665 folder from your sd card.
CFWs other than Atmosphere should work but they are not officially supported.

Network streaming
In this mode, the system module is completely autonomous, you should be able to read the video stream simply by running mpv tcp: // <switch ip address>: 6666 --no-correct-pts --fps = 30 and mpv tcp: / / <switch ip addr>: 6667 --no-video --demuxer = rawaudio --demuxer-rawaudio-rate = 48000 for audio.
When using network streaming, it is not recommended to stream both audio and video at the same time as this may cause slowdowns. In general, the streaming network has more delay and delay compared to the USB, it is worth setting it up, especially for recording the gameplay.

USB streaming
To stream via usb, you need the UsbStream program, it is built using dotnet core 3.0 and is also compatible with linux. You will need to install the USB driver (Windows or Linux).

Link/Download: SysDVR v1.0

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