SX OS 2.9.2 Analysis of Hexkyz

SX OS 2.9.2 Analysis of Hexkyz

The developer Hexxyz, responding to the name of Mike Heskin, proposes on Twitter since some versions a mini analysis of the evolutions brought by Team Xecuter on SX OS, he made his study on the last version of SX OS 2.9.2.

He claims that this update is mainly a reissue of the previous version in which few fundamental changes have been found.

- patchers: no change;
- KIPs: only "ams.mitm" and "Loader" have changed;
- apps: "HBMENU" and "ROMMENU" remain unchanged, but 5 new apps have been added.

The Loader no longer has built-in NSOs, which are now standalone applications, and has been cleaned up. The MIPS virtual machine also had a minor update to correct function offsets.

"ams.mitm" also had a minor update to fix bugs and add support for the "tx" service that was missing.

5 new applications have been added:

- CREP (CREPBIN + CREPMETA): Atmosphere's creport;
- ECL (ECLBIN + ECLMETA): Atmosphere's eclct.stub;
- FTL (FTLBIN + FTLMETA): Atmosphere is fatal;
HBL (HBLBIN + HBLMETA): nx-hbloader;
- ML (MLBIN + MLMETA): "Mercury Loader".

"Mercury Loader" is nx-hbloader with additional support for "usbhdd" and "usbfs" services, plus applet size restrictions.

Finally, a small correction on "ROMMENU" that has been updated, but not "HBMENU". It has been updated to solve the "stealth mode" problem by blocking attempts to open the eShop if enabled and displaying a custom error message.

It's all here: Hexkyz Analysis SX OS 2.9.2

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