SysDVR v2.0 Released

SysDVR v2.0 Released

 The developer Exelix11 has managed his coup, surprise us via his Twitter account, via two small videos, the one showing a streaming of his Nintendo Switch on PC, then leaving SysDVR a few days later.

This is an experimental system module that captures the game's output running on a PC. Two versions are available: one for streaming via USB and the other for streaming over the network (TCP).

Now that SysDVR v2.0 is coming, both variants (WLAN and USB) have been combined into one - but those that need less memory can also use the "USB only" version. The streaming mode is modified using a new homebrew application and another novelty is the graphical interface for UsbStream for Windows, which makes the use of SysDVR much simpler.

Changelog v2.0

This update addresses most of the issues reported since the first release, specifically:
- Network and USB versions have been merged into a single system module, the zip includes a homebrew to set the streaming mode without having to reboot.
- It also allows to temporarily disable the USB stream to launch other homebrews such as nxmtp or GoldLeaf.
- Because low memory usage is important for some users, a USB-Only version is always provided, but it does not support the setup application and you must manually remove it and restart it to use a homebrew that requires USB access.
- Fixed the annoying "10 minutes bug"
- Added UsbStreamGUI (Windows only), a graphical launcher for UsbStream for less experienced users.
- Minor changes to UsbStream to help solve problems
- The readme guide has been updated to include the latest changes, so be sure to check it out.

Link/Download: SysDVR v2.0

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