The Witcher 3 Enhanced Settings mod

The Witcher 3 Enhanced Settings mod

Witcher 3 has easy access to settings files, so I'm trying to check slowly what is working and what is not or it's broken. Main Menu has prerendered video, so testing in main menu won't make a difference.

What was added

- Sharpening
- Foliage Visibility Range (it doesn't change ring size, because this is adjusted dynamically)
- Anti-aliasing (which is technically TAA, but it doesn't have any string related to it, so I've used antialiasing string)

What was changed

- Right Stick Sensitivity values from 0.5-1.5 to 0.01-1.5
What is broken

- Resolution [there are two settings: framebuffer resolution and rendering resolution. Changing rendering resolution makes glitched output, changing framebuffer resolution displaces camera and makes postprocess layers aligned incorrectly. Changing them both to the same resolution moves camera to wrong position)
- LOD - changing it makes no visible difference, but going too high will crash game
What is not working

- VSync
- Shadows Presets
- Left Stick Sensitivity
- Adding more values to Autosave Interval
- ShowGPUCounters
- MotionBlurRotationTreshold
Settings to check from postprocess

- Bloom
- Shafts
- Vignette
- Rain
- Cutscene DOF
- Billboards (some category of shaders)
- Soft Light
- Fog
- Underwater effects
- Chromatic abberation
And we have many more settings from rendering, HUD, etc. Sadly I can't add my own strings, so settings that are not mentioned in localization files are showed as ## + category + my string
It should work with all game updates. You need only to change folder name "010039400E8D6000" (which is titleid of Polish release) to titleid of your version (game has at least 7 different region releases!).

You need to paste that folder to:


And Restart Switch.


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