TWiLight Menu ++ v10.3.0 and NDS-Bootstrap v0.26.1 released

TWiLight Menu ++ v10.3.0 and NDS-Bootstrap v0.26.1 released

The developer RocketRobz has just released version 10.3.0 of TWiLight Menu ++ and the 0.26.1 of NDS-Bootstrap.

As you know, TWiLight Menu ++ is an open-source, menu-based upgrade and DSi interface for nds-bootstrapde (3DS / 2DS / DS / DSi compatible). This program will also allow you to play DS homebrews, DSiWare games and roms .nds from the SD card and to the roms of the GameBoy (.gb), GameBoy Advance (.gba) and Nes (.nes) from your SD card.

To install it:

You can update by replacing the _nds folder on the root of the SD card with the new one of the .7z file.
- For DSi CFW users, place the title folder of the CFW - SDNAND root folder on the root of the SD card.
- If you are prompted to overwrite, click Yes.
- On 3DS, install both CIAs in the CIA folder.

Changelog TWiLight Menu ++ v10.3.0:
- The SpeedBumpInclude list has been reduced to SpeedBumpExclude, adding again the load speed boost of most games in nds-bootstrap.
As the above interrupts a few more games, the shrinkage of the heap has become a visible option per game, due to some demands.
- Now you do not need to hold L, and / or wait for another TWLMenu +++ update!
- Added support for the latest SM64DS widescreen patch by gamemasterplc!

Fixed a bug:
- Acekard theme: Fixed no reading of the settings.ini file, when used on flash cards.

Changelog NDS-Bootstrap v0.26.1:
- SD Card DSi / 3DS: The charging speeds have improved slightly!
- The IPC-Sync IRQ only handles readings.
- Games that benefit from 3D rendering on both screens will now have minimal or no flicker.
- Some game crashes have been fixed, such as loading some backup files into Pokemon HGSS.
- B4DS: If the CARDENGINE_CACHED parameter is not set, the cache of the FAT table will now be built before the ce9 code, instead of before the heap of the game.
- B4DS: For the first SDK2 games, the FAT table cache is now built in an unused area of ​​RAM.
- This fixes the opening JVM that does not start in Castlevania DOS, and Kirby Canvas Curse starts now, but does not save.

Fixed a bug
- DSi SD Card: Bookworm (DS version) now starts on DSi consoles.

Link/Download: TWiLight Menu ++ v10.3.0 and NDS-Bootstrap v0.26.1

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