CleanRip v2.1.0 Released

CleanRip v2.1.0 Released

The emukidid developer, to whom we owe several important contributions including Swiss-gc, returns to propose a version of CleanRip in v2.1.0.

Maybe you do not know this tool, or you do not know what it's used for, it's normal, the last update to 3 years! CleanRip is a simple tool that allows you to back up Gamecube and Wii discs via IOS58.

No need to go through a cIOS, the application makes a perfect copy and supports USB 2.0, NTFS, FAT32 and SD by default.

Changes in this version:
- Fixed crash on check disk and other minor fixes
- Fixed DAT download problem (Wii DAT> 1MB)
- Added SD2SP2 support (GameCube Serial Port 2)
- Added support for dump Datel disks
- Fixed compilation / warnings issues with the latest version of devKitPPC
- Disable DAT download from GameCube (no DNS support)
- Fixed prompts message that did not appear

- FAT / NTFS (libntfs-2012-1-15 (r13))
- USB 2.0 support
- Support before SD
- BCA dump
- Verification of RIP from (via

- Wii / GameCube
- Wii Controller / GameCube
- USB or SD storage device (> 1.35 GB of free space)
- HBC 1.0.8 or higher installed

Changelog 2.1.0:
- DAT files are hosted on and CleanRip can download them automatically from a Wii and by default, get the files on or on the Releases page here.

Link/Download: CleanRip v2.1.0

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