HBUpdater v2.2 Released

HBUpdater v2.2 Released

LyfeOnEdge, the developer of HBUpdater, has just added a new version of his program to his GitHub profile. HBUpdater passes in early November in v2.2 bringing some corrections that are welcome.

HBUpdater allows you to manage homebrews, inject payloads and install game backups on the Switch console.

Moreover, the homebrews being downloaded from their Github, the script is lightened. There is also a section where you can view the release notes and install previous versions.

Changelog 2.2:

- If you can't get the update call no more sys.exit ().
- Switch to the new repository / repo system.
- If it's impossible to get the update file the program no longer calls sys.exit ().
- Unnecessary construction scripts removed.

Required update, the developer has made a change in the way categories are managed.

Link/Download: HBUpdater v2.2

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