NxNandManager v3.0.2 Released

NxNandManager v3.0.2 Released

As you now know, this tool is a command-line utility (and GUI) for Windows 7 and 10, the main purpose of which is to copy the contents of Nintendo Switch (full NAND or a specific partition) to / from a file or a physical drive.

Changelog v3.0.2

- GUI: Fixed a bug that prevented GPT backup from being found for RAWNAND as a memloader drive
- GUI: Fixed a bug that prevented the recognition of BCPKG2 partitions
- The input volume is now locked before performing the dump / restore to prevent any other process from writing to the volume during operation.
- Various fixes

Changelog v3.0.1

- Writing on the emuMMC partition is corrected
- Fixed an error when the input or output path contains non-Latin characters.

Link/Download: NxNandManager v3.0.2

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