OpenBOR invites itself on 3DS

OpenBOR invites itself on 3DS

The developer MrHuu has just released the 3DS version of OpenBOR, as you know OpenBOR is a powerful tool that allows you to enjoy 2D fighting games based on the Beats of Rage engine.

OpenBOR is a side-scrolling game engine based on a royalty-free sprite, the version offered by MrHuu exploits SDL 1.2 for 3DS from the developer nop90.

Features of OpenBOR-3ds:

- Sound
- animated GIFs
- Support for multiple .pak
- Probably some crashes
- Slowdowns on Old3DS
- Build Cia


- Create an 'OpenBOR' folder on your SD, here: sdmc: / 3ds / OpenBOR / '
- Create a folder 'Paks', in the folder'OpenBOR'.
- Copy your .pak's
- Start with Homebrew launcher
- Or install and run .cia

Changelog v0.03:

- Allows a smooth stop
- The .cia build has better compatibility with larger .pak files.
Link/Download: OpenBOR-3ds

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