Retroarch 1.8.1 available

Retroarch 1.8.1 available

Team LibRetro has released this morning the official version for all consoles of RetroArch 1.8.1. Yesterday the Team had updated its Github without proposing the console versions, only the source code of the PC version was proposed.

The official page on the site has just been updated this morning, and the Team distributes all the versions we are interested in, namely the Wii U versions, Xbox, Xbox One, Vita, PS2, PS3, PSP, Switch, and other Wii and GameCube, 3DS and 2DS.

This release sees the advent of the mobile user interface, which now supports thumbnails (thumbnails). This will bring a big change in the way people can interact with the Android / iOS user interface, not to mention the improvements on UX!

Changelog 1.8.1

BUGFIX / MENU: Fix rendering of menus with Mali GPUs after changing the dimensions of the video
CDROM: Adding pregap support to cdfs help methods
CHEEVOS: Provides the new PCEngine hash algorithm for RetroAchievements
LOCATION: Update of the French translation
LOCATION: Update Polish translation
LOCATION: Update of the Spanish translation
MENU / MATERIALUI: Thumbnail Support
MENU / MATERIALUI: Theme Cutie / Virtual Boy added
MENU / MATERIALUI: Correction - In extreme circumstances, entries with very long sub-label strings could have their text cut off prematurely because the entry is scrolling past the top of the screen.
MENU / MATERIALUI: Correction - Some parameter value strings were unnecessarily truncated (with a ...) when using text.
MENU / XMB: added sunbeam theme
SWITCH: Support for accelerometer, gyroscope and brightness sensors
VITA: Accelerometer and Gyroscope Sensor Support

Link/Download (All console versions):

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