SKGleba unveils NMPRUNNER v1.0

SKGleba unveils NMPRUNNER v1.0

In recent times, the developer SKGleba makes many efforts to try to keep the scene of the PlayStation Vita afloat.

This new utility is called UNMRunner, with such a name, we could have thought of a game-oriented homebrew, but it is not, this tool will allow you to easily execute custom code lv0, in fact it is a tool to load lv0 custom payloads on PlayStation TV and PlayStation Vita.

This utility is primarily for developers, SKGleba delivers examples of lv0 secure_kernel dumper.


- Download and install the vpk file.
- Upload your load to the ux0: data / payload.nmp directory.
- Run the application and press X to start charging in LV0 mode.
- Output to ux0: data / NMPRunner.log and ux0: data / NMPOutput_0x1C000000_0x1C1FE000.bin.

Link/Download: nmprunner.vpk

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