sys-con v0.4.1 Released

sys-con v0.4.1 Released

Cathery has surprised us with Sys-Con, he already releases version 0.4.0, and it must be said that it is progressing rapidly.

Sys-Con is a custom Switch system module, which allows you to use third-party controllers on your Nintendo Switch console. Sys-con just needs you to connect your controllers using the USB ports of your dock, it may be one of those limits, to be able to enjoy it you have to be in dock mode.

Changelog 0.4.0:

- Version v0.4.0 provides support for Xbox 360 wireless adapters, the support is still partial, the LED still flashes, and the application does not seem to detect the disconnection of the controllers. However, it is fully compatible with the buttons and allows you to connect up to 4 controllers at a time. The configuration is the same as that of the Xbox 360 Wired.

- The system module now detects XInput generic devices.

Instructions :

- Extract the zip file and copy its contents to your SD card.
- If you are not using Atmosphere, rename the atmosphere / folder with the desired CFW name.
- Restart your Nintendo console.

Link/Download: sys-con v0.4.1

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