The N2 Elite works on Switch Lite

The N2 Elite works on Switch Lite

 Many users have wondered if the N2 Elite works on Nintendo Switch Lite.

As you know, the N2 Elite is an NFC module that can emulate Amiibos figures on Nintendo Wii U and New3DS / 3DS, but also on Nintendo Switch. It is also called Amiiqo, and it is also used to dump and store in its internal memory up to 200 figures and thus offer a consequent space saving.

The Team N2 Elite reports that it works perfectly to emulate Amiibo on Nintendo Switch Lite consoles.

As you can see from the photos and the short video above, when you put the N2 Elite device on the Switch Lite, the Amiibo that is selected will load you in the game without any problem, as if you had the true Amiibo in your hands, just like the N2 Elite website claims, so there is no problem using the N2 Elite with the new Nintendo Switch Lite.

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