TWiLight Menu +++ v11.0.0 and NDS-Bootstrap 0.27.0 Released

TWiLight Menu +++ v11.0.0 and NDS-Bootstrap 0.27.0 Released

On this Sunday morning, developer RocketRobz has just released the 11.0.0 version of TWiLight Menu ++ and the 0.27.0 NDS-Bootstrap.

As you know, TWiLight Menu ++ is an open-source, menu-based upgrade and DSi interface for nds-bootstrapde (3DS / 2DS / DS / DSi compatible). This program will also allow you to play DS homebrews, DSiWare games and roms .nds from the SD card and to the roms of the GameBoy (.gb), GameBoy Advance (.gba) and Nes (.nes) from your SD card.

Changelog TWiLight Menu +++ v11.0.0
What's up ?
* Support for CycloDS iEvolution in DSi mode has been added, and is confirmed working this time!
* NOTE: This does not mean that you can access microSD content directly from TWLMenu +++ on the SD card.
* Now check if DSi binaries exist in an enhanced DSi ROM when booting in DSi mode.
* If they are not found, a message will appear saying to run them in DS mode.
* Acekard theme: The message "Can not run this on 3DS" was removed when launching DSiWare.
* 2nd birthday finished!
* You can now touch the screen to skip the TWLMenu +++ splash.

Bug fixes
* Shrinkage is no longer displayed for SDK5 / TWLSDK games because the option is not played for these games.
* (It's always displayed for B4DS users, and the Acekard theme.)
* Other minor adjustments have been made to improve the user experience.

Known bug
* On CycloDS iEvolution DSi mode, it crashes sometimes after the splash of the DSi or TWLMenu +++, or just after the white screens, if both are disabled.

Link/Download: TWiLight Menu ++ v11.0.0

Changelog NDS-Bootstrap 0.27.0
* Operation confirmed on CycloDS iEvolution, with DSi mode set in CycloDSi settings!
* You can also run DSi-Enhanced games in DS mode, without returning to DSL mode in the CycloDSi settings.
* The DLDI driver is no longer reset when starting a game.
* This version should correct Acekard 2i support.
* SD Card DSi / 3DS: You can now empty the RAM!
* To do this, press and hold L + R + DOWN + A for 2 seconds. The sound (and perhaps the game) will stop during the immersion.
* The dump will be installed at sd: / _ nds / nds-nds-bootstrap /.
* The cardEngine binary arm7 is now loaded into the main RAM for DSiWarehax users running SDK5 / TWLSDK games.
* Improves the chances of starting SDK5 games.

Link/Download: NDS-Bootstrap v0.27.0

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