uLaunch launched by XorTroll

uLaunch launched by XorTroll

After months and months of work, now that XorTroll finally released his uLaunch, he finally presents us his final work related to the reimplementation of HOME menu with homebrews.

uLaunch is a custom open-source replacement or reimplementation for the Nintendo Switch's HOME (qlaunch) menu, extending it with homebrew-based features.

List of features of the HOME menu uLaunch:

- Launch and management of the first plan: launch, suspension and closing of titles and applets

- General channel management (some of them may not be implemented): standby, shutdown, restart, pressure detection in the HOME menu ....


- View the name of the connected WiFi network

- Open the connection applet in case the user wants to change the network settings

- Change the language of the console and display the active language

- Change the nickname of the console and show the current console

User characteristics:

- Allow the creation of a user in the start menu

- Display the user's page (to modify the nickname, the icon, the friends ...)

- List of HOME menu functions that have not (yet) been implemented:

Controller Management

- Album

- Periodic sending of a game report (see you soon, telemetry!)

This is the number of features that uLaunch contains, compared to the original HOME menu:

Homebrew support:

- Launch as applets (no need for Album!)

- Launch as applications (no title is needed!)

- Custom homebrew homebrew menu

- Ability to add custom NRO accessors to the main menu (homebrew or easily accessible custom items, no need for forwarders!)

User interface

- Themes (different from the official themes of the HOME / NXThemes menu)

- Custom icons, menus and graphics (custom images, colors, sizes, positions ....), background ....

- Background music and custom sound effects!


- PC connection at startup (select the user and use it for everything, disconnect, register / change / delete password ...)

- Support of the user password! (up to 15 characters)

Various extras

- Web browsing (via web-applet) directly from the main menu!

- Capture in the foreground from the PC itself (Windows only) via a USB-C cable and QForegroundViewer!


- Extract the ZIP in the directory of your CFW.

- Have fun with a brand new custom menu HOME!

Link/Download: uLaunch v0.1

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