XCI Explorer v1.4.9 Released

XCI Explorer v1.4.9 Released

StudentBlake just put online, a few hours ago, version 1.4.9 of XCI Explorer.

For those who would not know this tool lets you edit, dumper, explore XCI files that are clones of game cartridge Switch.

To release a parallel, it's a bit like the 3DS file of Nintendo New and Old 3DS. The software also allows you to draw certain XCI and NSP file certificates.

Changelog v1.4.9

- MasterKey text corrected
- Added the ability to select NSZ files
- Checking the reworked file to be more correct
- Change to use platform-independent directory delimiters - CodingKoopa
- Reversion of display order of game revisions for NSP files
- Minor key update (please delete keys.txt before running the program)
- NET Framework 4.7.2 required

Link/Download: XCI Explorer v1.4.9

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