Autoplugin 4.12 and DolcePolce v1.0

Autoplugin 4.12 and DolcePolce v1.0

The Vita scene sees an update of Autoplugin in 4.12 and a new plugin called DolcePolce arriving in v1.0.

TheHeroGAC offers update 4.12, but does not issue the changelog, therefore, difficult to announce the changes to you. It is called "Final Cut".

As you know Autoplugin is an application running on all hacked PS Vita and which allows you to easily install plugins. The developer very regularly strives to update its software so that it offers the latest developments available on the PlayStation Vita scene.

Download: Autoplugin 4.12

Another novelty is the arrival of DolcePolce, under this name hides a plugin which once installed, will allow us to completely remove the blacklist of games and applications available only for Playstation Vita consoles. The big development is that blacklist controls on the PlayStation TV console are done directly from SceShell.

Need :

A modified PlayStation TV console with Henkaku firmware 3.60 to 3.73.


Download the DolcePolce.suprx plugin and place it in the ur0: / tai directory.
Open the ur0: tai / config.txt file in a text editor and type:
Ur0: tai / DolcePolce.suprx

Finally, restart the console to allow the plugin to load into memory.

Download: DolcePolce 1.0

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